Palmeira - at last!

Sarah and Graham
Sun 5 Jun 2016 19:15
16 45N 22 59W
Arrived mid morning and anchored in bay about 100m from Frido. Haven't been ashore yet as harbour guy advised that it is unsafe to leave yachts unattended, problem with theft. He also more or less instructed us to take dinghy on board overnight as several have disappeared. So in morning Frido are going to anchor up alongside us and we will take it in turn to explore but we wont be eating out in the evenings. The good news is that, despite notes in almanacs etc Graham was able to check us in with the local harbour master who just stamped our passports and we have to pay a fee when we leave and we have arranged to collect diesel in the morning from a local fish factory, they fill our cans, we reckon will need two trips to fill tanks. Apparently water is even more problematical but not an issue for us with what is proving to be a very efficient water maker. There are only 8 yachts anchored here, we thought there would be more and as far as we can make out we and Frido are the only Brits.
We also found out that we have indeed been eating sea breem, they call it Dorade here, and it is prolific. Our freezer has at least 20 good size fish gutted and prepared. We had been intending on visiting Praia on one of the southernmost islands but apparently the theft problem is even worse there so think we will give it a miss.
Temp got up to 27 this afternoon with even a light northerly (typical) and it is now a lovely balmy evening with totally clear sky, sitting in cockpit sipping an after dinner glass or two. Saude!