1st night

Sarah and Graham
Fri 27 Mar 2015 12:01
51 10N 7 41W
about 45 miles from Cork, wind 15k from SW, sea bit lumpy but we should be in before strong stuff arrives! Very strange 1st night at sea since last year, neither of us could sleep and watch system went out the port hole but certainly reminded us why we go sailing. I baked some bread this morning, more for practice than need, which was just as well as it was totally inedible (by us) but the fish seemed to enjoy it. Need to get this right when before the big trip. Graham has been tinkering with everything, just to make sure its all working and it is but somehow he doesnt beleive it. The new main sail is great, I dont think we realised just how much speed and pointing ability we had lost with our old one. It also greats treated with much more love than the old one; gets very neatly furled. We accidentally gybed about 2am this morning and it refilled with a shotgun like crack. Graham instantly had the torch out inspecting for any damage.
Thanks Helen, got your mail and I dont think you were the only one spelling our addy wrong as we received 15 mails when we tuned in this morning mainly from folk we havent heard from in a while. If any of you see this I will reply to all when we get to Cork. We will be there at least a few days as our extra crew is not arriving till Wed and we need to properly stock the boat. For anyone else email addy is cefnor_hud at mail dot com