Visby town

Sarah and Graham
Sun 12 Jul 2015 19:52
Cobbled streets, picturesque houses, church ruins and castle walls is what we saw today, very relaxed sort of laid back place. Ventured into a cafe this afternoon for saffron pancake with jam which was a lot nicer than it sounds and real tea, the first we have had off the boat since being in the Baltic.
Checking in was painless thanks to Andrew's pre registration efforts and we are moored up against a fishing boat which we are reliably told isnt going anywhere because the engine is u/s. Its quite sheltered but not the best of moorings so now we have seen the medeival town, will head for one of the quiet bays or inlets on west coast, many of which have good beaches and some with the limestone sea stacks that are supposed to be unique to Gotland (not sure about that!).
Well done to Issy and Kate, fantastic times for you both, would def put us to shame, hope you could hear our cheers!
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