Day 7 - N of Galapogos

Sarah and Graham
Thu 1 Sep 2016 22:22
1 52N 91 27W  2200UTC
Wind has dropped a little to around 15k and has veered through SW to S, swell now down to below 1m so very comfortable sailing but it is getting hot again. A week out, spent most of the afternoon checking over the boat, particularly the rig; changed the staboard genoa sheet due to chafe but otherwise all OK. Have got one of our chickens in oven for tonight as fishing today has been of a totally unacceptable performance and baked some fresh bread this morning, I always just love the smell and half the loaf was scoffed at lunch. Seen a bit of commercial traffic but no other yachts. I know some of you are surprised we are passing up the chance of visiting one of the most unique places on the planet butyou know how we hate officialdom , just read some of the cruiser reports on visiting and you will understand our decision. And this trip has always been about destinations further west! sorry
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