Sarah and Graham
Mon 27 Apr 2015 09:44
The crew from the other brit boat at anchor here, Crest, a HR braved the snow showers yesterday afternoon and came across to say hello. They are permanent liveaboards, Mary and Dennis and have been literally all over. They wintered on the west coast Scotland and are making the same passage as us with the same reasons for going via Iceland. They encounrered the hefty northerlies for 150 miles on the way here that we had for 30 miles!
Had an interesting discussion re the ice reports. Dennis had phoned the Norwegian Ice Service before leaving and were advised to delay any arrival north of 68N until at least mid May due to drift ice. He plans to phone them again end of this week, wind is still howling with quite frequent snow showers and I doubt anyone will be going anywhere until at least Friday. Glad we are tucked into a quiet and calm anchorage.
Plan to take the dinghy ashore today mainly to assess what provisions are available and stretch our legs. We have a freezer virtually full and plenty of freeze dry stuff but not a great deal of veg and no fruit left and we are definetly light on beer, so I am informed! Also as we have been running the eberspacher constantly for nearly two weeks now, we could probably do with topping up with diesel before departing and are not sure what the arrangements are.