20nM N of Barranquilla

Sarah and Graham
Wed 3 Aug 2016 09:14
11 27N 74 42W
Heading SW with a good easterly, has been up to 22k, about 15k at mo with slight swell so good sailing. There has been a very deep depression off Honduras the edge of which has given us the stronger winds but that is moving NW now and our forecast is for much lighter winds over next few days. Boy is it hot, even at night. Neither of us can sleep properly so we tend to doze off in the cockpit at random times and trust both of us dont choose same time! which we did do once. Ben snacking rather than eating as cooking below is stiffling, Graham made some omelletes yesterday with last of our Aruba eggs on a skillet that he just left out in the sun. Our unofficial flotilla dissipated almost as quickly as it formed but there is a lot of shipping around and heading in all directions. About an hour ago were quite close to a Panamian flagged tanker lit up like a Xmas tree, Chemroute Oasis heading south, probably going to Barranquilla and loads of container vessels heading to and from Panama. We picked up an english speaking radio station earlier and they were talking about what was described as the collapse of Venezuala, apparently there is very little food and sounded like quite a bit of trouble so we are doubly glad we chose not to visit. About 320 to go and we got an email from one of our canal partners that they are already anchored near Colon and there is plenty of space so hopefully meet up in a few days.