happy New year

Sarah and Graham
Tue 14 Feb 2017 11:25
Hello everyone,
I think most of you know, but just in case, we are departing tomorrow, spending Thursday in paris before flying out to Tahiti on Friday for reunion with Cefi. We messed up a bit in that we didnt arrange a launch until a few weks ago and the earliest we could get was March 2nd and so have booked an apartment. But at least we will be able to do most of the cleaning, checking and maintenance etc and re install all our comms gear which has been repaired / serviced / replaced after all the aggro with it last year.
Also we will now be heading ultimately for New zealand to arrive by end July as graham has got a contract there from around aug for about 4 months so will be staying in Auckland, probably ashore but we will see. Timing is a bit vague at mo as will be handling just one phase of a much bigger project managed in UK that Graham worked on from home in Dec and Jan and so depends a bit on how it progresses. Anyway that gives us 5 whole months of pacific cruising, cant wait.
Have spent much time planning destinations and pouring over entry requirements etc but as always, lets say plans are flexible!
Will keep you posted, email is same cefi AT mail DOT com and I have just checked that it is working OK!!!