nr Keyhaven

Sarah and Graham
Sat 15 Aug 2015 17:26
50 43N 1 33W
Had a nostalgic wander aroung Yarmouth and across to freshwater bay this morning followed by a pub lunch, but in Wheatsheaf rather than Kings Head which was good. Went to Kings head last night which used to be the regular Sat night haunt in our crewing days but sadly has gone a bit down the tubes. Outer harbour bouys seem prone to swell which didnt look like much but Cefi was pirouetting faster than a dancer so we have moved across the solent at Pennington Spit near Keyhaven which is bit more sheltered and sea is completely flat. have about 10k from W at mo. this is also a better view point to see the fastnet boats coming down the solent and though Hurst tomorrow though dont think they will be moving too fast as forecast is for light W or SW. Did think about joining the fleet unofficially but light wind forecast put us off so we will follow in their wake on tomorrows afternoon tide.
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