not a peaceful night

Sarah and Graham
Sun 7 Aug 2016 10:33
Def not peaceful last night and have been up an hour (its 5.30 ugh!), loads of commercial traffic, noisy and creating big wash. 
thanks for your mails and to answer several:
our panama transit flotilla is:
navillus - gerit and verle (dutch)
Zeeleeue - Ditmer and sabine (dutch) it apparently means Sea Lion!
Juniper - Carl, Ann Marie and their kids Jacob and Amelie (UK)
Seraya - Rolph and Alese (German)
Juniper arrived during the night, dont know if they are checked in yet, so we are all prsent and correct. After we get measured etc on Tuesday and know our transit time, Seraya and ourselves are heading for Rio Chagres  to explore for a day or two and hopefully get a bit peace and less mossies which are beginning to annoy. Last night Graham took to sucking them into our little vac cleaner to very good effect - for about an hour!