Its hot!

Sarah and Graham
Wed 15 Jun 2016 23:47
15 37N 31 02W
Phew, temp in cabin hit 31 this afternoon and sleeping is just not happening, so we are tired and a bit ratty, well Graham is! On the bright side wind has picked up F4 to 5 from NE so making much better progress, got about 2m of swell but with 5k+ on the clock the motion is OK. With sleep problems, our watch system has been temporarily abandoned; we have both been on deck for last 4 hours, Graham has been dozing and feels better for it, Ive just come below for a shower to cool off and try for some shut eye. Saw a huge pod of dolphins just after daybreak heading north, apart from them had the ocean and the big skies all to ourselves, how lucky we are.