Sarah and Graham
Wed 24 Jun 2015 19:58
58 57N 23 31E
From Tallinn we logged 91 miles which took us 33 hours! Winds very light throughout and a few rain showers; on Andrew's 11 till 2 watch wind died completely and he had to restrain himself from firing up the engine as both Graham and I were well in nod land. Anyway, we are here anchored in a shallow inlet called Suur Viik near Haapsalu, so shallow that we scraped the bottom twice on the way in and are anchored in just 8ft of water but it is very picturesque and tranquil. There are some marinas closer to the centre but we prefer where we are, particularly as we are well stocked.
Took the dinghy ashore this afternoon and there is a fair comminity within walking distance with shops, restuarants etc so we can do the touristy bit in town and be very happy here for a few days
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