Sarah and Graham
Mon 27 Jun 2016 21:52
13 10N 52 28W
Only done 298nM in last 3 days, have 540 to go and enough fuel for about 450. So tomorrow is decision day on firing up the engine. Winds are light and flukey mainly E, best we have had today was 11k and if anything latest forecast is for even lighter wind. Not a lot of swell but at slow speed with wind astern we are wallowing a lot and last night the rolling was bad enough for us to go NW to make it more comforatble to sleep, which we actually both managed. Doing not a lot can be extremelly tiring! Seen a few what looked like heavy downpours to south of us but we have been basking in 25 deg. Still no wildlife, cant beleive it but the radar picked up something at extreme limit moving at 18k heading south.