Gulf of Riga

Sarah and Graham
Fri 10 Jul 2015 08:10
57 52N 22 31E
Thankyou one and all, we did remember. We met a Brit boat in Iceland, Crest. We exchanged a few mails with them and know they got to Tromso but got no reply to the last few mails so have lost touch, they were hoping to get to Spitzbergen but no idea if the made it.
We did go back to the harbour yestrday to try and meet up with Benjo but again no one aboard, , perhaps the deer got them!
We departed the lovely Abruka at 2 this morning in light WSW winds and at mo making just over 5k in 15k SW, bit of a leftover swell but nothing terrible. Anticipate Visby tomorrow afternoon, gribs tell us to expect some 20+k westerlies later today for about 6 hours but after that less than 15k all the way and by tomorrow Visby forecast to be fairly calm. Some rain forecast but at mo its a bright crisp morning and has been clear enough to make out the coast of Latvia for the last few hours and now about 10nM off.