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Sarah and Graham
Sun 19 Jul 2015 21:26
Felt very strange walking into town with Andrew today to meet his relatives. They seemed very nice but what I didnt realise was that they dont speak much English. They took us to lunch in the old town and then showed us around which didnt take too long, then we said our (temporary) goodbyes and off Andrew went to Vilnius and we took a sombre stroll back to Cefi which seemed suddenly huge with 2 rather than 3 of us aboard. We will probably stay here tomorrow as there is boat maintenance to be done and what we did find just across the river was what looks like a very good chandlery, then we will head for the Danish islands, probably initially Marstel on Aeroe where we know there is a good marina and look to transit Kiel canal early next week, well thats the plan!
Although there isnt any in at the mo, we did walk past a cruise liner terminal and apparently this place is on the cruiser itinery but the rellies reckoned it is so they can sell tours to Vilnius!
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