Frustration over!

Sarah and Graham
Mon 25 Apr 2016 14:31
48 39N 2 01W
St Malo, Basin Vaubann.
This (hopefully!) is our final shakedown cruise before we depart for caribbean and the first time we have been out on the water this year without something breaking. Has been a really frustrating time with loads of little niggles that had to be sorted and a couple of bigger ones, Cefi has been lifted 3 times and we have had the mast down but all behind us now.
Left Plymouth at 11pm on saturday and got in about 4am this morning. Typical cross channel sail (for us!), winds from every direction from 2 to 18k, short choppy seas and some rain but we didnt mind, it was so nice to actually be sailing somewhere.
Finally decided on our route, we are going via Sines and cape verde before crossing and will be sailing sort of in company with Frido (Joan and david) with whom we have made friends and are also heading for Caribbean, their first atlantic crossing. I say sort of in company as they are much faster than us but they will wait for us in Sines and CV. Will be departing St Malo for UK on Wednesday and going to the Dart to meet up and provision and the plan is to depart for Sines towards end of first week of May, weather dependent.
cefi AT mail DOT com - please use this email for contact - for AT substitute the "a with circle around it" and for DOT sustitute a full stop - sorry Lucie , couldnt resist this!