Sarah and Graham
Mon 24 Oct 2016 20:39
Believe it or not we and Carl & Beth are getting well chilled out! but not sure being real tourists is our scene and yes we are in tahiti.!it was really great for a while, we hired a 4x4 and explored the island, interior is stunning , some great waterfalls, beaches are gorgeous; there are some interesting churches and museums particularly Black Pearl Museum and the markets (fish and paerl) are the most vibrant places during the day. At  night the place comes alive, people watching is the big sport around the waterfront bars and restuarants, we like Le Retro and there are some mouth watering super yachts here seemingly just waiting for their owners to turn up. But frankly we have done it all.
both cefi and Fresher are now being hauled out this wednesday; we tried to get an earlier flight home but without paying a kings ransom, no chance. Both boats are the spickest and spanest they have been for many a mile and we spend most of our time wandering the admittedly gorgeous waterfront and beaches, swimming, drinking, snacking, dodging the downpours and even dancing! yes I actually got Graham onto a makeshift dance floor in a cafe bar almost next door to our apartment block much to the amusement of the other bar patrons. Yes we are def chilled out.
We have made friends with a couple of english guys who run a charter business here, they frequent said local bar and next week they have a "staff problem" which we are solving by being their crew for a couple of days which means we will see bits of the island from the sea inaccessable by land
So please dont weep for us, life is not all bad and havent had anything but a tee shirt on since arriving - whats the temp in wales, eh???
As always thanks for your emails
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