off Colmbia

Sarah and Graham
Mon 1 Aug 2016 21:05
12 31N 71 55W
well about 10 miles off anyway! and sailing in company with 8 other yachts. GPS is saying 502 nM to go, winds are fair at mo 11k easterly and there is about 1m of swell so reasonably good progress being made. Identified with AIS what we thought was an english name, Annie of one of the members of our unofficial flotilla, called them up on VHF, turned out they were from NZ, 5 aboard all from same family 18 months into a circumnavigation. They are stopping off at cartagena, brave souls! Tried to contact another boat, a massive cat, we think called catalina BVI flag but no response and they were doing at least 8 knots prob with engine so soon out of sight. Didnt think it possible but its getting hotter! 36 deg at noon today down below and that despite the wind deflector funnelling breeze below.