Eureka moment!

Sarah and Graham
Fri 10 Apr 2015 21:40
Ever since we returned to Cefi in early March we thought there was something amiss with the solar panels, they just didnt generate what they used to. We put it down to the gloomy weather but when we were in Bantry the skies were clear and the sun bright but still not much electricity. So today we got a local electrician to take a look at our installation and hey presto we had a dodgy regulator that was affecting the wind vane as well as the panels. 130 Euros later problem solved so we are now comfortable swithching on the freezer and water maker.
Pushed 3 trolley loads of supplies from the recommended supermarket, that turned out to be not as close as we had been led to beleive but at least Cefi is now well provisioned for offshore and looks like we will not have to break into the freeze dried supplies.  So just sitting back and relaxing this evening over roast chicken and a nice bottle wine not even downloaded a GRIB!