Gran Canaria bound

Sarah and Graham
Sun 15 May 2016 16:43
37 55N 08 53W
Left Sines about an hour ago in company with Frido, 666nM to gran canaria. Lovely sunny weather today 22 deg with NE blowing at about 17k. Forecast is for NE and N up to 22k for the next 3 days so should make good progress. Talking to some folk in Sines that have come north, the seas off southern Portugal have been quite rough despite relatively calm weather so may not be lying on deck soaking up sun time. shame! Beleive it or not we checked our log and its 11 years since we were in canaries when we were laughed at for ordering crunchy salad on arrival, long distance sailors will know what I mean. Our capacity for proper food storage is heaps better now than it was then but for old times sake it will def be salad on arrival, cant wait.