a much nicer day

Sarah and Graham
Tue 14 Apr 2015 15:40
61 27N 19 20W
Drogues in, normal genoa back but still have storm main bent on but no reefs in it. Wind is more westerly force 4-5 with about 4m swell with seas virtually on port beam. A few showers but all in all a much more pleasant sailing day even if we havent covered quite as much ground as yesterday. The temp has however dropped quite dramatically and the eberspacher has been fired up so cabin is lovely and warm.
At mo have 18k steady wind from west and we are doing 6.4 k on 330deg. We are likely to arrive very late Wed or very early Thurs at this rate and as we are a bit wary about entering Reykjavik in the dark will probably anchor off in one of the sheltered bays to the south for a few hours.
Tried to cook last night but gave up after the third lot ended up on cabin sole and ended up breaking out the freeze dried packs which were surprisingly tasty, they are called Mountain House, I had beef stroganoff which didnt actually taste like stroganoff but was very nice just the same. Graham and Andrew both had sweet and sour pork which was hailed as better than mine! doesnt say much I know but I wont be cooking that for them again!!
Seen a few ships today all going W to E but no more yachts
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