Sarah and Graham
Fri 22 May 2015 19:41
61 08N 5 21E
Refuelling stop for boat and crew about 20nM from open sea, although had to jerry can fuel aboard in 2 trips as fuel pontoon is too shallow for us, this is a fjord for petes sake!. Well stocked with fresh fruit and veg etc and looking forward to being at sea after a week amongst the mountains. I think the anchorages here have been the most tranquill we have ever experienced, most of the time you can only hear birds and the occasional slurp of the water; right time to come, bet its not like this in Summer.
Went glacier walking yesterday, not for the faint hearted but as everywhere here the views were spectacular. Rained heavilly overnight but today was Ok if a bit grey. Forecast not bad with 20k southerlies for most of tomorrow at least, so no final night sail change!
One good bit of news is that after the water maker packed in and was fixed it is now delivering about twice as much as we have ever got out of it and about what the spec says, which means hot showers on passage, luxury!
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