east of san Miguel, Perlas Archiplego

Sarah and Graham
Sun 21 Aug 2016 20:02
08 28N 78 54W
Sailed here overnight Fri / Sat as winds have been light and we wanted to be sure to arrive in daylight as there are numerous offlying rocks and reefs and not particularly well marked approaches. Got in about midday yesterday. the most eventful element of the trip was when daylight broke and we discovered 22 flying fish on deck! we are tucked into a well sheltered bay on the northern shore with just one other yacht here. Going to have a few restful days before making our big trip west, it will be the longest single voyage we have ever made in Cefi. Have had to re learn the art of beaching the dinghy in the surf when we went ashore this morning. Glad we provided some amusement to the few folk on the beach! Not much here but that suits us and we are far enough from mainland that any fish we catch will be OK to eat, apparently there is a species of mackerel, called Spanish Mackerel that are prolific and just jump on your bait, at least thats what I keep telling Graham. Anyway, this is just to say we have arrived.