slight change of plan

Sarah and Graham
Sat 10 Sep 2016 16:39
03 02S 108 26W     1600UTC
Yesterday we passed the 2000 to go mark! at mo GPS is saying 1848 to go. Winds have been kind to us, mainly SE 12 -15k and not too much swell. We reckon another 14 or 15 days sailing assuming we dont hit too many calms.
Got an email yesterday from our friends, Carl and Beth aboard Fresher who have been in Papeete for about a week. They let us know about availability of lifts  / storage and flights to UK and to cut a long story short they have booked a lift and storage for themselves and Cefi on 3rd Nov and we all have flights home on 2nd Dec via LA and Paris returning to Papeete on 17th Feb. They have checked out the apartment we reserved and its OK - phew!! - but they cant get in for another week so are still on board Fresher at mo. So we wont be doing quite as much exploring of the outer islands as we expected. We now plan to arrive week of 16th Oct and its about a weeks sail from Hiva Oa to Papeete so that gives us till about 8th or 9th Oct to explore, thats OK. Carl and Beth have been to see the storage facilities which apparently are very good and cyclone secure, although Papeete doesnt get too many.
So see you all for Xmas!!
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