Sarah and Graham
Fri 15 May 2015 19:46
60 52N 7 07E
This is a BIG fjord, we sailed and motored today for 10 hours between the mountains, past some incredible water falls, what looked like deserted cottages clinging to the rock face and some small villages. We are nowhere near the extremity of the fjord but are over 40 miles from the sea. Water here is crystal and we all went for a swim this evening. There are several national parks, one containg a massive glacier so we intend to take a little shore leave and explore.
Last night Andrew and Graham decided to get the rods out after our evening meal and just after dusk were rewarded with our first cod, must be 7 or 8kg and boy did he put up a fight, took nearly an hour to land. In between admiring the scenery, most of the morning was taken preparing cod for our freezer, we had our first taste this evening, it is so sweet and so tender, nothing like how cod tasted in UK.
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