Packing day

Sarah and Graham
Thu 1 Dec 2016 21:52
Have been packing since we got up a couple of hours ago and the computer is about to be stowed so this is last chance to send. Flights home tomorrow, big send off tonight with new found friends so are bound to have sore heads.
had a wonderful time crewing on various yachts including a 62ft ketch called Leila (US) which allowed us to tick off one of our planned destinations, the Tuamotu archipelego; fantastically unspoiled tropical paradise doesnt even come close to a description. The boat was chartered by a US family who were keen divers; they had spare tanks and invited us to join them in dives at Rangiroa and Makatea which is actually a raised coral reef. It was like swimming in an exotic aquarium - apart from a few sharks that is!
Anyway all over for a few months but we are looking forward to Xmas at home. 
catch up with us in February
Merry Xmas and Happy to New Year to all our followers
Sarah and Graham
cefi AT mail DOT com