not going anywhere!

Sarah and Graham
Wed 29 Apr 2015 11:09
Much nicer day today and wind has dropped to around 20k but the locals have told us to expect heavy snow and very poor visibility from Thursday probably lasting into the weekend, so our plan is to stay put for the foreseeable future, which frankly is not an unpleasant option. We found a supermarket in Seydisfjoerdur town and stocked up with fresh fruit and veg and catching fish is such a doddle we are unlikely to starve. There are a couple of eateries in the town, tried one for lunch yesterday, Bistro Skaft or something like that, it was OK. Diesel is a bit more of a problem and looks like the best option is to fill our jerry cans and refill the tank from these. Have set up the sat receiver so getting UK TV but we actually just like looking at the place with a glass of wine in hand! oh yes we did find a liquor store also in town.
Communicate with our new friends on Crest via VHF, they are staying put too but desparate to get a move on and they are coming across to us tonight for dinner, so this morning we have all been on domestic cleaning duties. There are now 6 of us anchored here though one Dutch boat moved this morning across the fjord, not sure why as where the rest of us are is far more sheltered but you do need a lot of chain, we are in about 20 metres of water and am the boat  nearest to shore.