All Clear!

Sarah and Graham
Wed 26 Aug 2015 19:34
Our surveyor was on the job by 8 this morning and we have to say he was very thorough. Said there was no damage at all to Cefi's hull, thinks it was probably a seal, other mammal or maybe a large fish, anyway no problem. He did sugeest some remedial work to the rudder which the yard are going to do for us under his supervision and we need all the rubbers replacing on the cockpit lockers, other than that Cefi has a clean bill of health and a very low water absorption. So we can go on holiday in peace of mind, phew!
Unloaded Cefi on sat and everything just about fitted into the transit, thanks bruv and all is now apparently in our garage. Went over to the fastnet village at the weekend and met up with some old buddies and have been mouching around Plymouth and shopping for hols. looking forward to some warmth, its been like November here.