still raining

Sarah and Graham
Fri 24 Mar 2017 19:56
We are really, I do mean r e a l l y, relaxed! Its still pretty wet, rains every day, temp in high 20s and very humid but nothing can detract from the beauty of Bora Bora. The beaches and lagoons are idylic, though we did see some sharks in one of them but fortunately not where we are anchored as have been swimming at least twice a day and Graham has had the scuba gear out. Some of the shallower lagoons are a bit spoilt as resort hotels have built guest accommodation “villages” over the water. Been to the Otemanu mountain which dominates the island, it is an extinct volcano though we wondered about the extinctness as you could smell sulphur. Some fantastic views from the higher points - pics by email from my brother. Stumbled across some old WW2 cannons, they were American, didnt know they camped out here. Went to the famous Bloody Mary's restuarant and saw the celebrity and money walls etc but was dissapointed, food average and not much atmosphere despite the rustic look of the place - much prefer the Bora Bora yacht club and its closer.
Could stay here forever and Cefi is getting that lived in look already. However, will be departing for Rangiroa tomorrow and probably will do something we havent done for ages - tacking. Winds are NE or ENE and direct course to rangiroa is about 70 deg; at mo about 15k. Its about 260nM direct so will prob be a 3 day sail. We will be sailing in company with Fresher but they are then heading north to Kiribati and on to the hawaian islands while we intend to do some more local exploring. Will be sad as its been great to see them again.
Sarah xx
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