plans made

Sarah and Graham
Sun 17 Jul 2016 11:17
Moved along the coast back to Prickly Bay after the heavy winds passed which they did very quickly. Life is very easy here, could stay forever! temp has been in low 30's, water is warm and crystal clear, swell is slight and the cruising folk are lovely, lost account of how many boats we have been on and how many people have visited Cefi. But plans are made to move on. have teamed up with 4 other boats planning Panama transit and one of them Gerrit and Veerle on dutch HR, Navillus have done it before and have an agent booked. He has agreed to handle all 5 yachts for $150 each and this includes line handlers and he will prob be able to arrange for us all to raft together. He has also advised where to anchor, marinas apparently are chocker and profiteering is rife. There is an exceptionally high number of yachts making the transit this year and there have been a few prize cock ups with the authorities, he said to allow up to 7 days to sort out all formalities and we have all agreed to be at anchorage by 7th Aug. We are departing tomorrow and heading for Orangestad on Aruba before moving on to Colon. Its about 480 nM to Aruba, winds 10-15k forecast easterlies so probably 4 to 5 days sail. Will be very sad when we pull out of the bay but there are quite a few boats going tomorrow and a bit of a party will ensue tonight - how unusual!!! so that gives us all day to get Cefi ready for sea, she has a definite in-port look about her. Many thanks for all your emails and news; hope Europe still exists when we are ready to return!