280 to go and slowing all the time

Sarah and Graham
Wed 1 Jun 2016 19:43
20 16N 20 35W
how frustrating, wind is dropping, has been down to less than 5k, at the mo 9.2k but we still have the swell so progress has been really slow, only about 80nM run today and not exactly in the right direction as we are constantly adjusting course for easiest motion. But on the bright side its very warm and sunny and we are catching fish, enough that Graham spent most of the afternoon gutting and cleaning ready for the freezer. We are still not a hundred percent sure what they are, we think bream, but they are delicious and no adverse reactions so keep em coming. About 280 to Cape Verde but with the forecast as it is not sure how long this will take us, beat guess 4 days. Talked on sat phone to Frido this morning, they were almost becalmed and getting the same swell as us and unfortuately they are both suffering the mal de mare again, so much so they are having doubts about the crossing. But everything seems brighter once in port!!! lets hope.