Fair Winds

Sarah and Graham
Fri 1 Jul 2016 14:31
14 35N 50 13W
fair winds for a couple of days, easterly 15k, leave us with less than a days sail to go. We keep beleiving we can see land! Winds have fallen light again but with a virtually flat sea and temp in the high 20s who cares.  Its lovely under the bimini but cabin is a bit stuffy.  Had another couple of downpours -  so refreshing. Have resisted hitting the engine start button even now as, all being well for next day, this will be our first ever crossing entirely under sail and by far our slowest - 24 days for just over 2100 miles. If you dont hear from us for a few days dont worry, we will be sleeping! both pretty tired. Graham decided he needed some exercise this morning and took to doing press ups and managed 6 before collapsing in a heap. Getting excited now, cant wait to be anchored in Grenada again.