quiet biscay

Sarah and Graham
Sun 14 Sep 2014 10:55
45.28N 8.31W
white sails up for the first time this trip as wind went E as soon as we cleared Finistere about lunchtime yesterday, at mo have 11k wind from 090 and no more than 0.5m swell so its all very relaxed and were catching up on lost sleep and tidying up cabin which started to resemble a war zone after one of the fruit/veg nets broke. Also taken opportunity to check the rig after the battering night before last and all is well and wash / dry out all our heavy weather gear
H has threatened us with a traditional english sunday lunch today which should be interesting. Just over 300 to Falmouth and looks like light easterlies most of the way so looks like a Tuesday morning arrival, picked up the Uk shipping forecast this morning which was a real novelty! and sounded very formal compared to what we have been used to.