Sarah and Graham
Tue 30 Aug 2016 16:26
1 43N 86 17W  1530UTC
3 or possibly 4 of them about a mile or so off our starboard quarter. At first we saw plumes of water spraying into the air then one of them leaped, wow never seen that live. We could make them out with binos just on the surface, didnt seem to be going anywhere other than round in circles and after about half an hour they disappeared but what a sight. Have got some pics but they are not great unfortunately as we are getting bumped around quite a bit at mo in a very confused sea and they were a fair way off. Wind is southerly at mo 21k and swell is 2 - 3m but making good progress, at mo 6.1k course 245. to rough for fishing so mahi mahi still safe for time being!! I've been teasing him to death. No rain today and clouds dont look rain bearing which is a nice change and temp has dropped a bit so with the breeze feels very pleasant.
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