Sarah and Graham
Mon 29 Jun 2015 19:35
58 27N 23 09E
Winds a little stronger today, from west about 15k so sailed most of the 40 miles or so to  an inlet on NE coast of Saaremaa that contains the Kahtla Kubassare nature reserve and we are anchored off what looks like a little village called Saaremetsa and its a gorgeous evening.
We have already seen eider and long tailed ducks plus some we dont recognise, some terns, lapwing, avocets, cranes and we think a marsh harrier. the main conservation area is on the other side of the inlet to where we are anchored but is very shallow so will explore in the dinghy tomorrow.
There are now quite a few fellow yachts folk who have taken to the water, so dont feel like the only cruisers on the planet, nice to wave to someone again! there is a dutch boat and a german yacht about 100m from us in this anchorage
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