Cheerio to the baltic

Sarah and Graham
Mon 27 Jul 2015 08:44
52 22N 10 09E
Feel quite nostalgic as after nearly 2 months we wil be leaving the lovely Baltic today though we were glad to leave the marina we were in last night as we discovered we were right under the flight path of Kiel airport and it was quite busy, def not our scene. Have motored down to the holding pontoons for the Kiel locks at Holtenhau and they have told us to expect transit in about 2 hours. We watched a container ship, Ceres enter, very spectacular and there are quite a few other yachts making the passage, a couple of dutch boats Echo and Swansborgh a German boat, Harmattan and earlier there was a french boat here, Basbarbu. Weather today is much more settled, light westerlies and a few showers forecast and we are intending to only go as far as Borgstedt today where there is a sort of lay by where you can moor up. You are not allowed to move when its dark and we are not in a rush so want to enjoy the canal, actually we are both apprehensive but quietly excited and want to enjoy it, so will take a few days to make the transit.
Heard from Andrew last night, sounds like he has had enough of the relatives!!! and looking forward to meeting up with us, says he has some "interesting" momentos for us!
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