Heavy Weather

Sarah and Graham
Mon 13 Apr 2015 17:56
58 26N 16 45W
The forecast heavy stuff reached us with the light at about 6am this morning, around 35k initially from S and after a few hours 40k from SW with huge following seas and quite a bit of heavy rain. Gusts have been up to 45k. We have been in full heavy weather rig since late last night with our storm main down to trysail size and a pocket size storm jib up and from early morning we deployed drogues from both stern quarters. Steering a reasonably straight course has been difficult and very tiring both physicaly and concentration but we only broached once. Cockpit has however been awash too often to count. Before drogues we were doing up to 16k on the back of some of the bigger waves but although the swell is at least 7-8 metres the waves are not steep so no boat shuddering halts and we have all been able to rest if not sleep when off watch. Must say our new HL gear has proved a god send keeping us really warm and totally dry, makes a change to come off watch and not dive for a towel.
In last hour wind has abated a little, currently 24k and we are averaging 8k though still surfing at 12+k on the bigger waves. Cefi has performed brillinatly, def better than her crew. We may attempt a proper meal if wind stays as now as having been on the energy bars and soup all day but thankfully none of the dreaded sea sickness. Got some lovely pictures of waves catching us up, will post later and we saw another yacht about midday going W to E, tried to call them but to no avail. Over 200nM run last 24hrs and now about 360Nm from Iceland.
Overnight weather doesnt look too bad but we will leave the storm rig up and take in the drogues, there is a likelihood of more heavy stuff late tomorrow or early Wed.
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