Its goin to be a very wet departure!!!

Sarah and Graham
Thu 25 Aug 2016 10:29
Oh wow, thanks a bunch to all 67 of you that sent us a goodwill email overnight, couldnt beleive our inbox when we logged on. Well as you can see we are up early and reasonably bright and will up anchor in about an hour. Downloaded the long range GRIBs o/n, looks like some very light winds developing just N of equator middle to end of next week so we may head further south and also benefit from currents. there is not much wind in anchorage at mo but away from the islands the local forecast gives 12-15k S or SW and 1m swell which will hopefully get us out of the rain by mid morning, its sheeting down at mo; thats sheeting!! and very very humid. Will keep you all up to date with progress and anything interesting on here. and NO, if I do take a shower in the rain, the camera will be locked away, no repeats of a couple of years ago!!!!!