not impressed!

Sarah and Graham
Fri 5 Aug 2016 21:17
10 02N 78 36W
The good news is only 75nM to go so should be at designated anchorage on time. The not so good news is that it has rained on and off for last 2 days and is murky to say the least but still hot, like the title says we are not impressed. Winds have dropped a bit and a bit variable, currently 9k SE though forecast for tomorrow is better. Still in good spirits, ABBA is blaring in the cockpit at the moment accompanied by an unrecognisable and tuneless 5th member of the group called Graham. Decided to tolerate the heat and humidity of the acbin to cook a proper lunch today, the first in quite a while! and if I say so myself, chicken and mushroom rissotto has to be one of my specialities, delicious. Looking forward to meeting up with the rest of our trans Panama flotilla, have been in email contact and looks like everyone will be in by Sunday.