Friday - 550nM down rhumb

Sarah and Graham
Fri 17 Jun 2016 12:46
15 47N 34 24W
Day 5 - have averaged only 110 miles per day but picked up in last couple of days and now have consistant 6k+ on the clock in consistant 15k+ easterly winds - last 24hrs did 144nM. At mo GPS is saying 1580 to go. Fantastic ocean sailing, about 2m swell but very easy motion, chute and full main up, almost surfing down the backs of the bigger waves with autohelm coping most of the time. Thankfully it has cooled off a bit, making life below much more bearable and we both slept well last night and are back to our 3+3 watch system, not that there is much to watch. Had a few fliers on deck this morning, have kept for bait.
Just downloaded latest gribs, forecast is same for next 5 days. There are much stronger winds about 300 south of us and the edge of the associated weather system has been moving slowly north so it may have an influence  - in a week!! but for time being life is very good indeed and just getting better as Sarah has come down to do lunch and handed me a cold beer - cheers