Barcadera, Aruba

Sarah and Graham
Sat 23 Jul 2016 20:22
12 30N 70 01W
For those of you that thought we had dropped off the edge of the world, well we sort of did, all our comms died sometime during wednesday morning. We checked into Aruba at Oranjestad yesterday morning after a lovely downwind sail. the immigration people didnt know of anyone who could fix our comms but after several (expensive!!!) calls to Inmarsat they put us in touch with a very unlikely looking engineer, George and US$240 later we are back in action. have moved out of the rather industrial port of Oranjestad to a lagoon on inside of the reef at Barcadera, just a few miles south. good holding and very pleasant except when planes take off or land as we are quite close to the end of airport runway. Now we are settled will explore a bit tomorrow.