630nm to Falmouth

Sarah and Graham
Thu 11 Sep 2014 10:33
40.02N 9.55W
Wind picked up as forecast and is now about 17kts from S. Have steered further offshore to get better wind and to keep it on the quarter rather than dead astern as Cefi tends to broach with wind up her chuff in big seas, can tell we are near Uk as sweaters are now order of the day and heavy weather gear for night watches, I did midnight till 3 last night and it rained for an hour, ugh it felt cold but the thermometer actually read 22C There are a surprising number of ships around so cant even snooze, got fairly close to a tanker this morning going N named something like Fortina but worringly it did not appear on AIS screen so Graham has got his toolbox out checking over the instruments and antennas.
Doing a consistent 6k and rolling has eased since yesterday. Managed to download gribs this morning and all looks Ok till at least Monday
We slowed to a couple of knots late afternoon yesterday but Si caught 3 salmon bass so dinner last night was very tasty, his head however is getting a bit large as he's the only one who has caught anything eatable since Barbados. As I write this there is a lovely smell of freshly baked bread wafing my way from the galley, something we can now enjoy daily as we replenished our gas suppies in Sines, all be at at ridiculous price.