Sarah and Graham
Wed 29 Jul 2015 20:09
53 53N 8 42E
Pontoon chat in Borgstedt revealed that you can get around the 1 night stay rule by using the pontoons very near the centre of Rendsburg so we did and spent yesterday wandering the town and enjoyed a good selection of German beer, bratwurst and sauerkraut. Saw the car transporter bridge over the canal but it wasnt running yesterday for some reason. What you can never get over though is the shear size of ships transiting the canal, it just looks all wrong!.
Left the Rendsburg mooring this morning for the rest of the canal trip, scenery not that spectacular  and intended mooring just inside the locks ar Brunsbuettel but when we saw just how close the ships were to the pontoons and the effect of their wash at even low speed we decided against andexited the canal late this afternoon and motoed up the Elbe to Cuxhaven.
Andrew arrives by train about lunchtime tomorrow when we will decide on next destinations etc.
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