It was tranquil!

Sarah and Graham
Tue 25 Apr 2017 16:33
17 04S 144 35W
makemo was the most tranquil place on earth until night before last when 2 massive gin palaces (US) arrived. I am not kidding but the whole atoll must have been listening to their blaring stereos. Probably chartered!!! There was a mass exodus of sail yesterday and we too departed, we were going to anyway, just before sun down. On recommendation from several fellow cruisers we are heading for Anaa for a night or 2 before going back to tahitti. At mo just south of Tahanea in flat seas with a 14k NE breeze and it hasnt rained for 3 days. Sunrise this morning was particuolarly stunning. Have got about 50nM to go so should make it before sundown. Apparently feels even more remote than makemo and much smaller, hardly any facilities and not on the normal cruiser itinerary so will see. Graham thinks we have got a cell out in one of our domestic batteries and Papeete is the best place to get it and the other one checked out and to get replacements if required- which I know they will be even if Graham is told there is nothing wrong!
If you havent already you should contact my brother for pics of Fakarava, very special
cefi AT mail DOT com