Flat cakes and other things

Caramor - sailing around the world
Franco Ferrero / Kath Mcnulty
Fri 1 Nov 2019 18:47
29:13.6S 175:04.1E

That’s the second flat cake I make for David. The first I thought was because I turned the oven off half way through the baking. Kath’s Galley is in crisis.

We’ve been at sea a week now and still have 400 miles to go to our Bream Head waypoint. There were times we thought we were going to the Kermadec Islands, then it looked like Norfolk Island was more realistic, eventually the wind went just a little more easterly and we were at last able to point at New Zealand. Now it’s died and we are motoring, but maybe not for too long.


Hurrah, we are sailing again.

Bright starry night. Yesterday was a glorious sunny day, and because the wind had eased we were able to strip out of our waterproofs.

Gosh life at sea is simple, peeled back to our most basic needs: SLEEP, food, comfort.

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