Not quite deja vu

Caramor - sailing around the world
Franco Ferrero / Kath Mcnulty
Tue 6 Sep 2016 17:15
The ‘grapevine’ is amazing here. Every member of the crew of the ferry asked me how my tooth was and the chef assured me that there were no tomatoes in any of the food.

Although I was going back to Puerto Natales there were some differences. For starters going the other way the view reverses and of course I got to go back down the one way system around the other side of Angle Island. There were some fairly amazing waterfalls. We also deviated from the main shipping route a few times so they were different, and I got to see Angostura Kirke in good visibility as opposed to thick fog.

Th ferry arrived early, so at 1500 on the dot when the dentist reopened after lunch I was there. Unfortunately the only option was to extract the tooth. Still all done now and it won’t cause any more problems.