Weather cocktail on Isla Gordon (Days 8-9)

Caramor - sailing around the world
Franco Ferrero / Kath Mcnulty
Fri 1 Jul 2016 00:06
Sunshine! Although the weather hasn’t been bad since we left Williams, it hasn’t actually been sunny. A few mornings we got up to a bright moon but by the time the sun rose, clouds had crowded in.

A short row to shore and we set off through the bog. My second step was misplaced and I sunk up to the knee in the goo. High above the sheltered caleta is a mountain lake. It looked like we might get a view over towards Tierra del Fuego and the high peaks of the Cordillera Darwin but a ridge stood in our way. It didn’t look too hard so we carried on up. A few false ridges later we got to the sun and the view. Darwin’s peaks were shrouded in heavy menacing snow clouds. Caleta España, on the opposite side of the channel shimmered golden in the sunlight. 

Caleta Cinco Estrellas with Bahia Tres Brazos behind

We sat for a while soaking up sunbeams until we noticed snow coming our way over the high mountains of the interior of Isla Gordon. Time to go. As we arrived back at the shore, it started snowing. 

Later in the afternoon Franco attempted a sortie between snow showers. He managed four runs to the waterfall to fill our water cans before it got too dark.

Franco on a water run

Day 9 was declared an ‘office’ day. It rained/snowed all day while moderate ‘rachas’ (williwaws or downdrafts) fell on us from the high peaks above.