Nepal Disaster

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Franco Ferrero / Kath Mcnulty
Thu 7 May 2015 17:20
Hi Everyone

I received this email from the Co-author of White Water Nepal and fellow Publisher Pete Knowles (aka Slime).
Although this is nothing to do with our voyage Kath and I would like to ask you to consider making a donation.


Lots of bad news in from Nepal and terrible scenes from Langtang.
However the good news is that friends like Mahendra all seem to be ok.
 I just had another message from John Wilde yesterday that I thought
you might like to see  below.

A lot of folk are asking me - "What is the best way of helping?"
the answer is I think, if you can,  to use your time, talent and money
to generate more donations.

As some of you probably know Joe Alexander has been sitting on top of
Helvellyn in the snow selling teas at £20 a go and made £632!  I also
organised some fund raising over the weekend and have got to £700 so

Then the next question is - "Where should I send the money?"  I suggest -
1.  If you have a good friend you trust in Nepal send it directly to
them to use for relief.
2.  Send it to my Co-author Daz Clarkson who is in Nepal and working
on relief efforts as I write this.  See his email below.  You need a
paypal account to send your money.  Fast and effective.
3.  If you are fund raising then you may need to do this on behalf of
a charity.  Of all the charities, I especially recommend Community
Action Nepal (Doug Scott's charity) - they have always targeted the
villages and by sad co-incidence have teams in the very districts that
have been worst hit.  They are small, effective and take nothing for
admin in  the UK. Please check out their website.

I get sad when I look at the photos of the devastation and think of
the good times, friends in Nepal, and the hospitality I, like you,
have received over the years.....

Best wishes,


Yep. chaos here, KTM all cleared but many villages have not even been
contacted. News from Langtang, up to 200 westerners feared dead, whole
area under 30 metres of mud, ice and rubble, whole trekking groups
We are gathering funds for our trek staff. 7 lost houses. .
Hope to fly to Aus tomorrow, but KTM has an air of surreal normality,

 Darren Clarkson-King and I have arrived (at last) in the Bhote Kosi
area, where the need is still great. The villages up above Rafting
Star camp where we are staying has seen 95% devastation, and no aid
apart from villagers helping each other. Above Barabasi they are still
digging out victims, it's like day 1 up there. The need now is to get
roofing materials and basic food to villagers before the rains come.
Monsoon closes these remote villages off every year anyway, this the need is to try to get as much serious building supplies up
here before the window closes. Thank you so much to EVERYONE who is
donating to help us bring these things to remote places that STILL
AREN'T GETTING ANY AID. pay pal to -------
info {CHANGE TO AT} purelandexpeditions {DOT} com, and mark donations 'quake'.

People in in Pokhara who are donating food and
resources please please take your purchased goods to Paddle Nepal
office, they are working with all the rafting teams to fill trucks.
Rice, dal and corrugated tin, rope etc ALL needed urgently. Please use
social media to let folks know that the big charities and government
support is STILL not getting up here, and it's doable. Just need to
mobilise serious manpower to walk stuff in, and get the supplies up as
far as it can be driven