Sunny day in Holyhead

Caramor - sailing around the world
Franco Ferrero / Kath Mcnulty
Mon 12 May 2014 13:35
Monday 12 May 2014

Yes, we are still here! Still in Holyhead and back out of the water in the boatyard, a retrograde step in our world travel plans! However the sun is shining again and Holyhead harbour looks fabulous. 

Caption: Early morning in the marina

Stuart (our engineer) and Mick (his apprentice) installed the new engine (red and shiny) and Caramor was launched on Wednesday 30th April, we went for a pootle round the harbour, so far so good.

The next day was spent connecting up the engine hot water exchange which will provide heat to our new shower and by the week-end we were ready for sea trials. We motored out of Holyhead harbour and headed for Carmel Head and Porth Swtan (Church Bay). The engine worked fine but we couldn't go faster than 5.6 knots and the revs remained persistently lower than expected.

Stuart explained that despite reassurances given by the engine manufacturer, the propeller pitch isn't compatible with the new engine and that the propeller needs changing. Caramor is a heavy lass (8 tonnes and long keel) for her svelte figure, unfortunately this does not seem to have been taken into consideration in the original propeller pitch calculations. Stuart has instructed the 
company which makes his big boat propellers to turn one around by Thursday, hopefully it will be a little smaller than the Stena Ferry prop.

Saturday was a day off and we walked over to South Stack (carpets of purple flowers), otherwise we have been working hard; Irridium satellite phone mounted, shower plumbing completed, new fridge unit installed, new pipe runs for gas in place (awaiting parts), chart cupboard ready for the charts that we are sorting. 

Caption: Satellite receiver dish mounted on Caramor’s stern.

Weather forecast for Saturday is perfect and we hope to set sail towards the south east tip of Ireland. Fingers crossed.