Day 45 Ready for the Golfo de Penas

Caramor - sailing around the world
Franco Ferrero / Kath Mcnulty
Tue 27 Sep 2016 18:22
Everything comes to those who wait … (fingers crossed)

The weather pattern in this region is well established, a few days of northerlies, usually with rain, followed by a period of southerly breeze, often light. We knew we wouldn’t have to wait long. Besides, there is always work to be done on a sailing boat.

Caramor’s list

Rigging - checked
Fuel - tank topped up to reduce deck load
Filters - clean
Water - tank filled
Gas - changed cylinder
Windlass - greased
Aries - greased and oiled
Kelp cutter - dismantled and stowed
Dinghy - deflated and stowed in locker
Shore lines - stowed below
Caddie - not that kind of golf(o), silly!
S-W wind - confirmed
Sunshine - cancelled, we’ll be sailing at night
Dinner - pre-cooked

With everything stowed and lashed down, above and below, there was even time for our first outdoor shower of the season (the last time it was warm enough to shower ‘al fresco’ was in Brazil), and a bit of polishing.

The plan is to set sail at 6pm local time by when the wind should have turned from the north to the south-west with a perfect wind speed of 10-15 knots.

Franco on maintenance duties