Images from Rabat

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Franco Ferrero / Kath Mcnulty
Mon 22 Sep 2014 20:50
The city of Rabat has it’s modern side but the old parts are of more interest. Though not at all ‘hassly’ parts of it were definitely very tourism oriented, unlike Salé (on the marina side of the river) which is far more genuine as the commerce is all aimed at locals and it doesn’t give a monkey about tourists.

Lancers guarding the entrance to the mausoleum of Mohamed the 5th.

The Tour Hassan.

The entrance to the Medina (old walled town) of Rabat.

The Rue Des Consuls was where christian countries kept ambassadors or consuls, they were then conveniently close to the slave markets so that they could try to buy back christian slaves captured by the ‘Barbary Pirates’. This  practice was still going on until the ‘French Protectorate’ was established in 1912!

The Kasbah, originally built by the ‘Corsair Republic' to defend the entrance to the port.

The entrance to the River Bouregreg. It only takes a 2m swell to close the port!